Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The above drawing was done by me and colored by my lovely girlfriend Mary.

Fun stuph! So this past week I had to go to the dreaded Kinko's in order to print something out on 11x17" cardstock. It was Sunday night so there was only one employee there and several customers. He said it'd be faster if he just gave me the paper and I printed it out myself in the "self service center".

So I get the paper and attempt to print but he doesn't inform me that I first need to reprogram the printer. And then it jams. And jams again. Then nothing happens at all. And I don't even bother to ask for his help because I know he's the only one working and he's too busy. In the end, the computer charges me $11 for what should have costed like $1.50. So I'm angry; I've wasted almost half an hour dealing with this fickle piece o' crap printer.

Normally I would go to the front desk and ask for a refund (I've done it before), however there is only one guy there (as I've stated) and he's super busy. I had gone to Kinko's about four times that week and every time I left frustrated due to their lack of service and that they have no idea what they are doing (no offense to anyone who works there).

Now I'm not the kind of guy to yell at someone who is just trying to do their job. I've been on the otherside of the counter too often for me to go there. But I felt jipped and I needed compensation. I looked around me. I saw a large industrial hole puncher. The guy couldn't possibly catch me (as I've mentioned he was the only one there and was very busy). Five minutes later I'm in my car with the hole puncher, driving home.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


So I finally created an Etsy account to sell some framed originals and some prints as well. If you follow me on deviant art, you might recognize part of the drawing above. The guy on the bottom there is BB King, one of the greatest blues guitarists and guitarist in general to ever live!

If you don't know me well, music is one of my favoritesterest habits. I call it a habit because I'm addicted. I know people hate it when someone says this but, "I like all music" and for the most part I mean it. Blues is definitely at the top of the list and Blues & Folk have influenced my work a lot and if you know what I'm talking about let me hear an AMEN!

But anyways, this full piece hasn't been featured anywhere else online yet so this is your first glimpse at it. Hope you like it and if you're interested in buying anything check out my ETSY at:

All purchases come with a free sticker and a little ol' letter (and sketch) from me. If you buy a framed original I'll also throw in a few signed prints and other goodies in there to go along with it. Remember guys, Christmas will be here before you know it!!!

And, of course, all proceeds go to the Make A Wish For Me Not To Be So Broke All The Time And Have Some Money To Spend On Useless Things That Will Ultimately Inspire Me And Fuel Me To Do More Illustrations, Comics, and Movies Foundation.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

About a fortnight ago, I went to Dragon Con. A couple of days me and my brother stayed with a friend who goes to Georgia Tech but the other days we took Marta (the train) downtown. On the last day of riding Marta we had to wait a good 15-20 minutes for our train to arrive, so in order to amuse myself I did a dash of graffiti on this large metal fan that they put down there to combat the sweltering southern heat.

So just today I get a text message from a friend who sends me a photo. If you look closely at the left wing of the buff angel, someone came in with ball-point pen and tried to fix the wing. The funny thing is... I really like what they did. I was trying to do some weird perspective on the wing that matched with the character's stance, but what this girl or guy did looks so much better.

It actually feels really great to be connected to a complete stranger in such a minuscule way. Its like my mitten has been worn by someone else and I can still feel the warmth from that other hand. What I'm trying to say is, mittens are warm and Atlanta is hotter than hell...? Well, whatever the moral is, go out and inadvertently collaborate on drawings with complete strangers. Its mankind's way of waving to you from across the busy street of life.