Sunday, December 19, 2010


So Christmas is right around the corner and I've been too busy to even buy any presents yet. I got a job working at an arts and crafts store and I've been working full time. On top of that I've been doing more freelance illustration for the Alphapalooza music festival. So I've been keeping very busy. Very Berry Busy. That would be the name of my energy drink that distorts time. You would drink it and it would give you so much energy you would move at near the speed of light, allowing you to perceive time differently from the rest of the people on earth. Then, by the time you've gotten all your chores done you realize that everyone you've ever know is dead and gone and that it is in fact hundreds of years in the future. I think it would help people to appreciate their lives a bit more and realize that they shouldn't stress over little things like school and work... don't think it would sell very well though...


  1. Aahh I didn't know you got a job. Congrats! That must be a weight off your shoulders.

    The drink brought to you by Relativity Inc.

  2. "Hi, I'm mary and I know everything there is to know about lions"

  3. we need to film that finally when you come here for newyears :DDDDD